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There are many restoration projects in the courthouse to be completed, which will take years. We focus on those that gain the greatest support. The restoration of the inside surface of the Mural Room windows is being sponsored by the Courthouse Docent Council. The funds are provided by visitor contributions. For information regarding this project, you can contact the County Architect.


Half the benches are covered with plastic...the drapers are inside the benches

Movable scaffolding

Upper hinge detail...two photos put together

The mural has damage near the windows

Drapery Rods and support brakets.

Hammered termination detail of drapery rods.

Ceiling Corbel---painted in a mudejar style.

A worker applies varnish

Lower window hinge detail---blue masking tape protects the murals

Window mid-post support with locking device.

Another hinge detail---the lower windows have angled support brakets.

Here you can see the ware to the window--after 73 years.

Top hopper window latch

Lower windows at mural.

Matching the window frame to the mural base color.

Test paint of match color.







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